Tatenda Chabarwa

Afrikera Graduate / Dancer / Instructor / Upcoming Choreographer Mbare, Harare – Zimbabwe

“ My name is Tatenda Chabarwa, I am 26 years old. As a young boy from the ghetto of Mbare I always have a dream of traveling or of Zimbabwe. My dream came true when I was doing my dance training at AfriKera when I was doing my second year. I started touring with AfriKera when I was doing my second year and it continues till now. AfriKera gave me knowledge and after that they didn’t abandon me they gave me a job. Currently I am a contemporary dance teacher at AfriKera Arts Trust and also I am one of the AfriKera Dance Theater performers. And being part of AfriKera I had an opportunity to work and interact with international companies like Dunia Dance Theatre and Quorum Ballet just name a few. I am proud to be an AfriKerian because the opportunity I was given is still ongoing as it is offered to people in need of it. ”

Ndomupeishe Nik'nKosi

AfriKera Graduate / Dancer / Musician/ Singer

“ Being an AfriKerian (how I would like to call it), is a life time achievement. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity that I had to be a student at this institute. During the course I hardly understood why I was doing such an intensive program, and a number of times I would ask myself why I was doing this course, because I didn’t understand the value of the course. Fast forward to recent times, being a versatile performing artist, with most skills being acquired at AfriKera Arts Trust, is more than just a privilege. The intensive training helped me adjust to life horrors (THE REAL WORLD). Afrikera groomed me to be tough, to have a tough skin , no one will baby you out there in the dance world. Number 2, stamina and pushing to work over your limit I would say are the main things I loved about Afrikera. I had an interesting experience during my tour in Germany under Mother Africa where we worked non-stop for 4 months, and its only then that I realised how helpful Afrikera was when we used to have intensive rehearsal schedules and preparations, and that flicked back at me quite a lot. Learning different genres at Afrikera made me understand that we are very much able to learn and grasp different dance styles and genres if only we are willing to get out of our comfort zone. This also helped me exercise my brain. I could go on and on, but for now I will end here. To those who might want to join Afrikera and are contemplating on the number of years that one has to do, think deeply and think right, this course will definitly help you in the long run. I am a living testimony. Watch Shanda Mwana. Thank you Afrikera. ”


AfriKera Graduate / Dancer / Instructor / Choreographerr

“ I started dancing in 2003 when I joined Chipawo (the children performing arts workshop), then went to the DFC - dance training course under the Dance Trust of Zimbabwe [2012-2014]. I Then continued with AfriKera Professional Dance Training (APDT) where I graduated as a professional dancer in July 2015. Today, I am part of the AfriKera team as an instructor, dancer and choreographer since 2015. I performed on international platforms in USA, South Africa, Belgium, Germany, Zambia, South Korea and locally in Zimbabwe. Afrikera has given me a chance to explore more in my dance career, by giving me a platform to grow wings in my creativity and learning new things every step of the way. I am happy to be part of the Afrikera Collective and the faculty, this has really helped me grow in my work. We always help each other when we are working and the Hub is our place for creativity. Afrikera has introduced us to professional world of art by always setting the bar up high and making sure that there is no room for limitation. ” Thank you Afrikera. Watch Video....

Glendale Mudzimu

AfriKera Graduate / Dancer / Instructor / Choreographer

“ A dancer and performing artist by profession. Zimbabwean born and bred. I started my journey in 2012 in the DFC under the Dance Trust of Zimbabwe, and finished under Afrikera Arts Trust. I graduated in 2015 with a Diploma in Dance Education. I am a performer with experience on local and international stages in countries such as Belgium, India, South Africa. Afrikera is a professional organization with intergenerational artists in diverse performing arts genres. Afrikera is my home away from home. I got employed by Afrikera after completion of my studies in India. Through their guidance. I am proud to be a member of this amazing family. Watch Video... As part of the Afrikerians you not only get diverse exposure, but get life time opportunities if you really know what you want in life. Watch Shanda Mwana. ”

Peter Lenso

AfriKera Dancer / Instructor / Choreographer

“ Afrikera is not just a place but a home. A home filled with loving and caring human beings whom are after one goal which is to thrive in the art industry. From the age of 17, I was raised in this home to become who I am today. I was made realize how art is an important tool to this world. The AfriKera team nurtured me to believe in myself and do things to my fullest potential at any given opportunity. Thank you so much Soukaina Edom for providing the hub to the Zimbabwean people and all around the world. I love dancing and Afrikera played a major role in making me realize how deeply I love it. ”

Tinashe Jeri aka TJ

AfriKera Graduate / Dancer / Instructor / Choreographer

“ l grew up in Mabvuku where l started with Traditional dance. Then l had to be shown the wide world of the dance industry which was Afrikera where l learnt many genres of dance and now I am proudly a dance teacher, Yoga instructor, Dancer and Choreographer. All thanks to the Afrikera Team! ”

Dexter Mushore

AfriKera Graduate / Dancer

“ AfriKera Arts Trust is not the building we see in Robert Mugabe street. AfriKera is the family that's in that building. The family that accepted me, made me feel whole and allowed me to grow as an artist. It is my home away from home. Although the Queen of the house has her own melody that sticks in our brains not matter how loud it may be. But she is Mama AfriKera after all. Mrs Edom AKA Mai TS managed to nurture me with all the stiffness that lies in my body, the injuries sustained throughout the years, and she has always been helpful whenever I went through the toughest times. This woman played a major role in my life because she kept on believing in me. Although this lady barely shows her feminine side because her stronger and vibrant side stands out. But if you believe in tough love like I do. She is the lady you can run to as she is one hell of a role model. She craves greatness and perfection. And I was granted the chance to be one of her students and hopefully a dancer in the company for years to come. ”

Milton Makoni

AfriKera Graduate / Dancer / Choreographer

“ My name is Milton Makoni from Harare. I am currently studying for a Bachelor degree in Choreography, in China. I’m proudly AfriKerian. It is a home for me. To be where I am today, it is because of AfriKera from which I graduated in 2015. AfriKera made a huge impact in my life as a professional dancer. I had the best teachers of all time, they taught me to be committed, hardworking and to be confident. I'm forever thankful to Mai TS and all other teachers for their support, time, hard work and belief in me. ”

Munyaradzi Coster Adams

AfriKera Graduate / Dancer / Choreographer

“ My Name is Munyaradzi Coster Adams. I come from Harare, Zimbabwe. I studied dance in the AfriKera Professional Dance Training and I achieved a lot during those 3 years. My achievements were namely: - Learning many different styles of dance, as well as singing, drumming, theatre, Anatomy, English and Accounts. - Finishing the 3 years dance training. - Received different certificates at the completion of training. ”

Cathrine Douglas

AfriKera Instructor / Choreographer / Dancer

“ Well for me AfriKera is a platform were arts is given justice. I have been given a lot of opportunities to explore my creativity. The best thing about AfriKera is they don't choose people, every artist is as important from and out of Zim. There are opportunities of learning different things from everywhere as long as there are artists who are willing to share their works through workshops. So for me I would say AfriKera is the home of arts. ”

Sharon Gweshe

AAT Hip Hop Instructor And Student

“ Training and teaching at Afrikera was a priviledge and an opportunity that doesn't come often and is a career changing experience. It has exposed me to more different dance styles and teaching techniques. And has added on better understanding of the effects of teaching techniques that I apply as I got to be on both ends of the program. This has had a positive impact on my own students who I train at my own studio. I have seen a huge improvement since I changed a few things in my teaching style. Its a journey I can never forget. ”

Chaleen Chimara

Dancer / Choreographer / Instructor

“ As a ADT dancer, I am greatful to be granted a life time opportunity. Being part of the AfriKera Dance Theatre has helped me discover myself and the way I move and interact with people as well as to be a professional artist with multiple skills. It made to be a strong female contemporary dancer and choreographer. It has given me exposure locally and internationally through performances and workshops. ”

Faye Jackson

AfriKera Arts Trust Ballet Mistress

“ My name is Faye Jackson and I am a qualified and registered teacher of the Royal Academy of Dancing, headquartered in the United Kingdom. Being on the teaching faculty of the Afrikera Dance Hub teaching ballet, pas de deux and History of Ballet is a privilege and an honour. The Hub is run by a professional team that is led by the brilliant, hardworking, inspiring, committed task master – fondly known to all as Mai Simba. She sets high standards and expects only the best from all teachers and students alike. Although good technique is the cornerstone of her approach in all genres, Mai Simba wants everyone to find their own style, their own voice to develop as artists and fulfil their own potential – maximising on individual strengths. It is a pleasure to work in such a vibrant, evolving and professional arena. I have been constantly challenged to stay current and informed about our industry. I love being part of the team responsible for moulding the young performing professionals of tomorrow. ”

McIntosh Jerahuni

Dancer, Musician, AAT Instructor, Choreographer Member Of The AfriKera Collective, Director of Jerahuni Movement Factory

“ AfriKera Arts Trust is a home for me and a place where dreams and passion are nurtured. As an independent artist now, I look back at my time there with pride, gratitude and fond memories. Through their commitment to creating a positive environment for everyone who comes to AfriKera, they have made a hub for the arts and more importantly, a family. Much love and respect. ”

Nikki Weaver

(Artist, Mover, Healer)

Co-Founder/ Education Director Portland Playhouse, USA

“ Most recently Nikki Weaver performed her one-woman show, Weaving Women Together, at Arts Gathering in Harare, Zimbabwe. This is the story of losing her mother and finding her in other women. The play incorporates original music, dance, and a magical skirt made of 60 other women pieces of fabric/stories. Performing at the AfriKera Dance Theatre Hub during the Arts Gathering was a wonderful experience. A great place to connect to community, to witness other art forms, and to witness what Soukaina has built. It was a very special time of learning, growth, and transformation. While visiting,I was also able to offer the students at AfriKera Dzorera master class for both dancers (APDT) and actors in physical theatre (ZTA). I hope to work with Soukaina and her company in the near future. ”

Tatenda Chabarwa

AAT Graduate, Dancer, Instructor, Upcoming Choreographer Mbare, Harare – Zimbabwe

“ I had a privilege to be one of the co-choreographers for the AfriKera production during the Arts Gathering 2019, under the artistic direction of Soukaina Marie- Laure Edom.I happen to be in one of the dance piece which was choreographed by a fellow colleague, so I was very active on the 3rd and 4th of May as a dancer and choreographer. I would like to thank AfriKera Arts Trust for the opportunity that they gave me to present my work and the guidance during that process. ”

Hepsy Kirlew-Machacha


Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammen arbeit GmbH

“ I was impressed by the professional way in which Afrikera organized the Arts Gathering 2019 The shows started promptly and was of high standard. I really liked the piece Mavambo x3 on 4/5/2019, the dancers lines are impeccable, and the musicality is accentuated by the use of space. I could see that the choreography tells a story along the dance. Overall the show was great to me. ”

Dr Ruwa Chikosi

“ I thought the choreography pairs with story-telling was absolutely incredible. I enjoyed it a lot. ”

Dr Janet Edmonton

“ Fabulous choreography. Mesmorizing music. Powerful messages. Highly recommended. ”

Gaby Naef Duvillard

“ Mavambo x3 at the Arts Gathering was uplifting, inspiring and most of all moving! Uplifting to see what can be done with no financial resources but plenty of passion, determination and talent. Inspiring, because in tough times like the ones we are experiencing now in Zimbabwe, there are people who don't give up. Moving, because of its strong message to resist oppression and injustice. ”

Othnell Mangoma Moyo

Mangoma Music Director MAP Founder/ Director

“ I as a representative of Music According to Percussion (MAP) want to thank Afrikera Arts Trust, Music Crossroads and Zimbabwe Theatre Academy for the platform you gave us to showcase both our Music and Dance. We played at Music Crossroads on the 3rd of May and was on the AfriKera Dance Theatre Hub Main stage on the 4th. We didn't have any hustles with the logistics team in terms of transport, stage, lights besides minor sound glitches on the 4th. The Arts Gathering was a great event and we look forward to more Arts Gatherings. Thank you very much for the opportunity and hopefully it will also have the same impact to more artists, audiences and the industry as a whole. ”

Rayne Chiramba

APDT18 Student

“ I found the Arts Gathering to be a humbling experience because it was my first time performing and working with professional dancers. It was also a pleasure working with them as they were also humble during rehearsals such that they would give their all when in the rehearsal space, executing the movements just the way professionals would be expected to. Thankfully, they were careful not to intentionally intimidate us, the performing students, by filling themselves with pride but would rather encourage us whenever we felt challenged by a movement. More importantly, many of my short term goals have been greatly affected and heavily delayed by the situation in the country. This brought about unnecessary stress and eventually led to a lack of focus in my schoolwork because I felt as though even if I fought for what I wanted with all my might, the economy would always find a way to make sure my goals are not achieved. Therefore, even though I was not aware of it, I had given up on myself. However, for once in a long time, I forgot about all my problems as I performed the Mavambo x3, focusing on the theme ‘And Still We Rise.’ As a result, I left the stage filled with hope because I realised that if the Arts Industry was able to cover the gap left by HIFA 2019 especially while faced by the crisis, then I too can still keep working hard to find a solution to all my personal challenges.I am grateful for the experience that the Arts Gathering took me through because not only did I share the stage with professionals, but I also found my resolve and regained my will to work for what I have always believed can be reality. ”

Tenjiwe Mutiti

AfriKera at TEDx Harare

“ AfriKera Arts trust are a wealth of talent. The dancers were dedicated and worked within the constraints of our limited tech time and tight floor plan. The performance transported the audience into another world. A wonderful use of lighting, sound and movement.coupled with the depth of knowledge culture and ritual made for a fantastic performance which deserved its very own show! ”

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