Tinashe ‘Nana’ Chiku: "Lead not with the voice but with the heart."

by Tichakunda Mafundikwa/ON 11 Jan 2022

The AfriKera Dance Training Program ADPT.  A ‘centre of excellence’ were dancers develop and master their cra...
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Chido Chigariro- ‘I am my own product, I am selling myself.’

by Tichakunda Mafundikwa/ON 11 Jan 2022

In business, the sale is arguably the most important part of a transaction. Whether it’s cigars, coffee or your voice, the ab...
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Milton Makoni: An AfriKera graduate, graduates again

by Tichakunda Mafundikwa/ON 09 Oct 2021

He suffered a broken ankle, had four litres of water pumped out of his lungs and completed four semesters worth of work in one year. Against al...
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Lovemore Taona: From China with Love

by Tichakunda Mafundikwa/ON 02 Aug 2021

High cost and slow transit times mean that few packages are shipped to Zimbabwe. So it was a surprise when a box from Xia...
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Taurai Chimina: From pas de deux to step-overs

by TIchakunda Mafundikwa/ON 07 May 2021

Taurai Chimina is involved in a physical exercise, which requires spatial awareness, muscle activation and intense concentration. Is he danci...
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Honoring her roots: Catherine Douglas on finding purpose through Dance

by Tatenda Kanengoni/ON 12 Sep 2020

For Catherine Douglas, extending her dance knowledge is like giving herself permission to be. Especially, when this is ...
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Like Father, Like Son

by Tatenda Kanengoni/ON 04 June 2020

For Samson Felo and his infant son Takudzwa, bonding time constituted dance rehearsals and performance trips during his tenure with famed Dance C...
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Making Men: Behind the lens with Antoine Panier

by TIchakunda Mafundikwa/ON 26 Mar 2020

It’s 3 p.m. at the BOZAR museum in Brussels, I’m sitting in the café with Making Men’s film director Antoine Panier....
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Mcintosh Jerahuni on Identity and Decolonizing Bodies

by Tatenda Kanengoni/ON 09 Mar 2020

AfriKera students gather in a corner and watch attentively, as Mcintosh Jerahuni takes them through their next steps....
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Identity, Art and Pushing Boundaries: Shalom Kufakwatenzi Undefined

by Tatenda Kanengoni/ON 28 Jan 2020

Every once in a while, I sneak into the AfriKera dressing room, for some banter with the female students during their lunch break. We chuckle about their classes, making light of...
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‘Even roses have thorns’— Harold George Interview

by Tichakunda Mafundikwa/ON 22 Jan 2020

“Eleanor, Julia in the back there, we are all going to have a turn here!” Harold chuckled at Shauvan’s mock exasperatio...
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AfriKera banner: Conceived in Korea. Made in America. 100% Zimbabwean.

by Tichakunda Mafundikwa/ON 14 Jan 2020

September 2017- On a wet rooftop in Seoul. Victor Peturo launches himself skyward, arms and legs thrown back forming a perfect crescent. A symbolic image of his solo-show ‘CHANGE “change changed me...
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AfriKera Spotlight Series: Tinashe ‘Oga’ Chaukura

by Tatenda Kanengoni/ON 12 Dec 2019

It’s not everyday that you hear of someone speaking to a paper, but in Tinashe Ronald ‘Oga’ Chaukura’s world, this is normal. In fact, his creation process cannot start without him conversing with his pa...
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Making Men: Showcasing Masculinity. Myth & Paradox

by Tichakunda Mafundikwa/ON 10 Dec 2019

Surrounded by three men, Carlton Zhanelo returned their piercing glares and adjusted his posture. The trio nodded to each other approvingly, as a subtle caress of acceptance went up Zhanelo’s arm. This was one of many engaging scenes of the “Making M...
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AfriKera Spotlight: Dexter Mushore “No Pain, No Gain,”

by Tatenda Kanengoni/ON 04 Nov 2019

The first story of the AfriKera spotlight series features recent AfriKera graduate Dexter Mushore aka Dekede (as he is affectionately called by his colleag...
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