AfriKera Arts Trust (AAT) was founded in 2014 and started its activities as an independent performing Arts institution in January 2015. The institution currently operates from 51 Harvey Brown, Milton Park, Harare, Zimbabwe. Our vision is to become a centre of excellence in dance training in Zimbabwe, the SADC region and beyond.

Our mission is to promote dance and performing arts through various programmes, namely:

(a) AfriKera Professional Dance Training (APDT) :- A 3-year Professional Dance Training Program. It targets talented youth from the low-income households as well as aspiring dancers from various backgrounds. The programme is holistic in its syllabus focusing on dance. It relies on donor funding while promoting sustainability. 90% of the graduates are active professionals in the Arts Sector. Watch Video…

(b) AfriKera Dance Theatre (ADT) :- The professional arm composed of AfriKera alumni serves as a base and source of reference and referrals in order to place and promote dancers in various professional opportunities i.e. either work based or learning, residency and exchange. eg. In Collaboration with Dunia Dance Theatre: “Baobab Shadows” and “Making Men”

(c) Essence of Women Dance Ensemble (EoW) is the professional arm for impact in gender equity of the professional female dancer/ performer, created to address the lack of professional black female dancers in Zimbabwe. The Mission of Essence of Women is to promote and encourage dance among women of all cultures, to provide a platform for experienced choreographers male/ female. Watch Video…

(d) AfriKera Collective is the choreographic arm composed of AfriKera Alumni who are keen to develop their choreographic talent, interest and expertise. As such, AfriKera Arts Trust boasts a varied ingrown repertoire in addition to creations emerging from established collaborations and workshops by visiting choreographers.

What is special about AfriKera Arts Trust?

It is an all-in-one type of institution, in that it offers a wide range of complementary elements for the performing art of dance and encourages cross-fertilization of the performing arts genres. It runs the only 3-year full-time Professional Dance Training in Zimbabwe. It is unique in the region as it targets and facilitates access to this vocation on a professional level to talented youth from low-income households. The training is holistic in its syllabus, with a wide range of dance techniques on offer. Although the focus is dance, it also equips students with Life Skills, Financial Literacy, English, Anatomy, Critical Analysis etc. Students are also assured that their additional skills or interests (music, sound and lighting engineering, design, massage therapy…) will be nurtured. AAT succeeds in reabsorbing some graduates into its different branches for teaching, choreographing, and taking part in creations and exchanges