About The Festival

In 2019, three organizations, namely AfriKera Arts Trust (a dance-focused institution), Music Crossroads Academy of Zimbabwe, and the Zimbabwe Theatre Academy, joined forces to organize a festival called “The Arts Gathering,” commonly known as TAG. This collaboration was in response to a gap in the festival market in the country after one of the leading festivals took a hiatus from the arts calendar.

TAG is a celebration of various artistic genres, including dance, music, fashion design, poetry, theatre, and visual art, etc. 

To create a thriving artistic ecosystem that values and supports the growth, development, and recognition of local artists; offer a platform for cross-pollination and collaboration with regional and international artists, ultimately shaping a dynamic and influential arts community.

To create an inspiring and inclusive platform that celebrates local artists, contributes to the welfare of the artistic community,  provides a safe and nurturing space for artistic collaboration and fosters an environment where creativity can flourish.

#TAG programming

#TAG four pillars

1. Showcasing Diverse Arts:

The festival provides a platform for artists from various cultural backgrounds to showcase their artistic expressions. We aim to curate a diverse lineup of performances and exhibitions that will captivate and engage our audience.

2. Fostering Cultural Exchange:

Through collaborative performances, workshops, and interactive sessions, the festival fosters cultural exchange and dialogue among artists and attendees. We believe that cultural understanding and appreciation are essential for building a harmonious society.

3. Support Emerging Artists:

The Arts Gathering Festival has always been committed to nurturing emerging talent. In future, we aim to organize mentorship programs, artist residencies, and workshops to provide artists with opportunities to learn, grow, and showcase their work to a wider audience.

4. Enhance Community Engagement:

We actively involve the local community by incorporating our outreach activities within these spaces. By doing so, we aim to create a festival that is not only enjoyable but also meaningful and impactful on a societal level.


2024 Edition : Tiripo… Tiriwadi!

The fifth edition of The Arts Gathering festival will be presented by AfriKera Arts Trust under the rebranded name #The Arts Gathering (#TAG). This year’s theme Tiripo…Tiriwadi! which translates to...

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2022 Edition : Full Circle

The theme for the fourth edition of TAG was “Full Circle”, an ode to the inaugural edition of the festival hosted in 2019 driven by will, determination and an unwavering...

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2021 Edition : Together, Apart!

In 2021, the festival returned for its third year with the theme “Together, Apart,” reflecting the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how audiences have adapted to enjoying experiences...

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TAG 2019 : And Still We Rise….

In its inaugural year, The Arts Gathering (TAG) festival operated under the theme “And still we rise…” The partners took a bold step by running the festival with limited funding...

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