Carine Tredgold

Carine grew up in Matabeleland South, was schooled in Bulawayo, graduated from University of Cape Town with a degree in Architecture. Her early Architectural career was based on finding solutions for affordable, alternative, low income housing in newly independent Zimbabwe. In the late 80’s she made a shift to designing and building film sets for a thriving industry at that time.

From 2000 onwards concentrating more on the world of entertainment, creating stages for music, theatre and dance festivals. With over thirty years in the Creative Arts, she is passionate and dedicated to developing the professionalism of our local industry as well as designing training programmes for Stage Management in Zanzibar and Ghana.

Production Manager for HIFA (Harare International Festival of the Arts) since 1999 Production Designer for various TV Commercials, Feature Films, Reality TV and Documentaries since 1987 Technical Advisor for Sauti za Busara (Zanzibar) since 2015

Chidochemoyo L Gutu

Chido is a seasoned marketing and communications professional who has delivered results in the areas of marketing communications, strategy, value chain management, customer life cycle management, product strategy and project management within the advertising sector. She is very passionate about arts particularly amongst the youth. Though she was born in Zimbabwe, Ms Gutu spent most of her youth years in Australia. Upon her return in Zimbabwe Chido experienced identity crisis as she could not understand the Zimbabwean culture. With her rich marketing background and passion for arts, she decided to start the Let Them Trust. Initially the trust focused on conducting workshops in the form of ngano in schools as a way of perpetuating the Zimbabwean cultural heritage. The trust has since evolved into hosting a schools arts festival which has been taking place since 2012.

She is also the CEO and founder of Chido Advertising P/L. The advertising agency started off as a below the line agency but it has since grown to be a 360 agency. Not only does the firm advertise products it has partnered with a number of NGOs, parastatal, ministries in carrying out awareness campaigns on development oriented issues. She is a great inspiration to her employees and her hard work, determination and leadership has brought together the employees from both organizations to work together as one big family. She strongly believes that success comes through endeavour.

Soukaina Marie-Laure Edom

Founder / Executive & Artistic Director
Soukaina Marie-Laure EDOM began her dance training in Guadeloupe (FWI) more than 40 years ago and continued her training with the ‘Académie Internationale de la Danse’ (AID) in Paris, France. She later went on to further her dance education in New York City with the world-renowned Alvin Ailey Dance Centre and Joeffrey Ballet School. Soukaina specializes in modern, tap, jazz, Afro-Caribbean and West African dance techniques.

Soukaina is presently the Founder/ Director of AfriKera Arts Trust,  the HIFA Dance Curator; Essence of Women Dance Ensemble co-founder/ Artistic Director, Founder/ co-director of The Arts Gathering (TAG) festival. She has 18 years’ experience as HIFA Dance program curator/ consultant, as Co-ordinator/Artistic Director of the Dance Foundation Course- training programme of the Dance Trust of Zimbabwe (DTZ) and previously in Arts Centres in Guadeloupe, France and New York City, and has a Master in Arts and Culture Management from the Rome Business School.

Besides being a dance practitioner, Soukaina is also a certified freelance translator/ interpreter/ consultant, and the mother of two adult sons.

Romeo Chandiposha

Romeo is the founder and director of Parable Films Studio based in Harare. Having worked as a freelance filmmaker for 5 years within the corporate, creative, educational spaces in Harare, Zimbabwe he founded Parable Films in 2015 and has helped the company grow over the years. He is responsible for the creative direction of the company and helps in the other departments. In 2016, he was a part of the founders of the Documentary Filmmakers Association of Zimbabwe and is responsible for the branding of the organisation. Prior to filmmaking, Romeo worked as a dancer and choreographer for 10 years with the award winning ROLX Dance Crew, a hip hop dance ensemble that showcased their work at different events, competitions and festivals around the continent of Africa. Romeo currently sits on the board of trustees for ROLX Dance Trust which is the governing body of ROLX Dance Crew.